Summer school on data assimilation in Sibiu, Romania

This is now a big tradition. Every second year, Remus Hanea brings a good sample of the top of the cream of data assimilation to a fantastic place in Romania for a 2-weeks summer school. After fantastic places like Iasi, Brasov, Cluj, we are back to Sibiu.

The Summer school is co-sponsored by TU Delft, Statoil and the EmblA Nordic Center of Excellence

1st week

  • Prof. Dr. Arnold Heemink (TU Delft, The Netherlands) – An introduction in Inverse Modelling and Data Assimilation – Basic notions
  • Pavel Sakov (Meteorological Bureau Melbourne, Australia) – Ensemble Kalman Filter – From basics to advanced technologies and improvements
  • Joanna Pelc (NASA – Goddard division, Greenbelt, USA)– Variational methods for Data assimilation (3D, 4D VAR, hybrids)
  • Andreas Stordal (IRIS, Norway) – Particle filter and the hybrid filter – Adaptive Gaussian Mixture – basics to advance techniques
  • Prof. Dr. Martin Verlaan (TU Delft and Deltares, The Netherlands) & Nils van Velzen (Vortech, The Netherlands) – The Open DA paradigm - theory and the toolbox
  • Anca Hanea and Prof. Dr. Mark Burgman (CEBRA, Melbourne, Australia) – Risk quantification, risk management, Expert Judgment and Safety issues  - the whole Friday 21st July

2nd week

  • Alberto Carrassi and Laurent Bertino (NANSEN center)  – Ocean and Climate applications - the whole Monday 24th July
  • Adriana Coman (LISA, Paris) – Atmospheric Data Assimilation – Air pollution
  • Kees Lemmens (TU Delft, The Netherlands)  – Scientific Programming using C and Python; Parallel Programming using MPI; and GPU Programming using Cuda.
  • Rahul Fonseca and Chitu Alin (TNO, The Netherlands) – Ensemble based Robust Optimization and its flavors (theory and applications)
  • Prof. Dr. Remus Hanea (UiS and Statoil, Norway) and Torbjørn Ek (Statoil, Norway) – Ensemble based Assisted History Matching in Modern Reservoir Engineering - Introduction and in-depth approaches


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